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Team 54 Project
Driving Climate Awareness Into Climate Action
Team 54 Project
Driving Climate Awareness Into Climate Action
Team 54 Project
Driving Climate Awareness Into Climate Action

Who We Are

Team 54 Project International is a US based 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, that identifies unique and innovative ways to advocate for SDG13 and to take climate action, towards building climate resilience in the community, with specific focus on existing systems: environment, agriculture, education, economy, health and security.

Countries of membership

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Mission & Vision


We promote the awareness about climate crisis, we build public commitment at all levels to facilitate effective protection, conservation, sustainable development and better use of the Earth’s resources for the good of the mankind.


Our vision is to create a greener world by inspiring people, especially youth to work together to achieve sustainable development using our ALL-INCLUSIVE concept, which has programs and activities that can harnesses talents, skills and passion to see that sustainable environmental future is established.

Network & Engagement

Connecting people for common purpose centered around making Earth green. This we achieve by engaging one another and facilitating better understanding of the climate science that will build sustainable development for everyone.

All-inclusive Concept

We work with individuals and organizations.We ensure that no one is left behind by accommodating their passion, skills and talents and directing this qualities towards addressing the climate crisis, while providing them with tools they need to become environmental stewards of today and tomorrow.

Action & Impact

We encourage and highlight the establishment of innovative, creative and action – oriented solutions for climate crises.

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Awards and honour

Eco hero for June 2021

PROFILE OF DANIEL AWOMNAB Daniel Awomnab is a fellow of both the Africa Young Leaders Fellowship Program (AYLFP) and the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI).

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