Dr. Gbujie Daniel Chidubem


Dr. Daniel Chidubem Gbujie hails from Ahiazu-Mbaise, Imo State in Nigeria, he made history in 2016 by being the first African to represent the World Medical Association at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) (COP 22) was held in Marrakech, Morocco.

He founded a youth-based group called Team54Project International (, which promotes localized climate solutions to addressing climate crises and advocates for environmental health regulations. He believes that character-driven leadership is that progressive direction that young people need and uses this mindset to find ways to resolve local issues in many Africa nations. He knows that when individuals who are passionate and empowered with SDGs mentality, they help to make life better for others resulting in outstanding outcomes. He has been an inspirational figure for many young African especially Nigerians, and none African.

Gbujie has helped to mobilize professional workshops for young Nigerians in the US and has even donated volumes of books and writing materials in 2017 and 2018 for kids and adults to read when they accompany their parents to the Nigerians embassy in New York.

Gbujie was a fellow with prestigious Cornell University New York in 2019 where he co-authored a book with leading academic minds in the University. He loves creating ideas and concepts that address the challenge of establishing sustainable development goals (SDG), this led him to create an innovative tech idea that can prompt people on the emergence of extreme weather and informs them through a phone the health impact of exposure, the idea is called SpaceClime, it won the United Nation Office of outer space affairs award in October 2019 as a great concept.

Currently being featured as an African social innovator by ForbesChina Magazine in March 2021, for this idea on SpaceClime. He was among the 500 Outstanding global youth leaders invited by H.E. Antonio Gutierrez, the UN Secretary-General to attend the 2019 UN Youth Forum, and to speak at the UN General Assembly on the impacts of climate change on young people at the side event in 2019. He has imbibed a solution-based approach to challenges and has an unflinching affinity to constantly building capacity to develop transformational ideas for positive change among the citizen in his community while building healthy partnerships with a lot of positive thinkers that he has encountered. He remains focused solely on medical education, climate change with related environmental issues, public health advocacy program, and youth leadership which he applied during the pandemic, by volunteering along with others to help stranded African tourists who came visiting but could not travel back because of the US restriction to travel imposed by the government, working with a coalition of other young immigrants from Africa, they partnered with the H.E Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao the Ex-African Union Ambassador to the USA to provide palliative package, foodstuff, and accommodation until they were all evacuated back to their homeland.


Dr. Nelson Aluya

Board Chairman

Dr. Nelson Aluya is a Medical Advocate who is trained in both Pediatrics and Internal medicine. He is a seasoned doctor with extensive broad base training, clinical expertise in over three continents. He is currently an assistant Professor of Medicine at Rutgers University, Newark, New Jersey, as well as Medical Director of Sinai Sub-acute Rehabilitation Center. Newark NJ. Dr. Aluya Is a selfless, leader who has embarked in numerous humanitarian social and medical missions outside of America where he provides his expertise and selfless service to low social economic groups, youths, and other socially displaced and migrant families. He has contributed to a few peer review article and has been a guest speaker at numerous academic workshops, conferences and seminars including the Haiti-American Partnership convention, National Association of Jamaica Supportive Association conference and the Nigeria in Diaspora Summit. He is a recipient of numerous local and international humanitarian and peer review awards including the Service above Self award by Rotary Club of Irvington New Jersey USA ,The African Entertainment Humanitarian Award, Nominations for the Golden Apple Award Excellence in Teaching.

Dr. Aluya is an Ambassador for Peace by the Universal Peace Federation and currently the President of Nigerian American Public Affairs Committee NAPAC , Vice President of Impact Life International Conference ,Chairman of Center for Crime and Fraud Awarness (CCFA) Nigeria. He has received recognition by the Mayor’s Office of the City of Orange, New Jersey and a New Jersey State Assembly Citation by the Assembly woman Britnee Timberlake and Member Advisory board to His Excellency Ambassador Sadiq Wai Sierra Leonian Ambassador to the United States of America. He also has a dedicated Dr. Nelson Aluya scholarship award in his honor by the Women in Leaders in Action, New Jersey. USA.

He brings with him this dedication into our organization, as he believes that advancing a greener environment is in the interest of sound health and improving health care delivery and access among vulnerable target groups is indeed a great way to express humanity and he looks forward to building the framework to recognize barriers that impairs the establishment of Sustainable Development goals especially climate action.

Dr. Ezioma-Uchegbu Gbujie

Board member

Ezioma Uchegbu-Gbujie was born in Imo State southeastern Nigeria to Late Asso. Prof & Asso. Prof Uzoma and Ngozi Uchegbu. Her continued academic pursuits earned her a Medical degree from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University in 2009. After graduation, she spent 2 years in Nigeria’s capital city Abuja as a medical intern in National Hospital Abuja and then in the National Primary Health Care Development Agency in Public Health service to her country.

While continuing clinical practice in Port-Harcourt, she was recalled by NPHCDA to work as a State Field Officer and a Medication Verification Officer in a Federal initiative – SURE-P aimed at rural sustainable development using savings from petroleum revenues. Her areas of interest were health and sanitation.

She went on to secure a postgraduate admission to the California state university Long Beach USA where she excelled and has since graduated with a master’s in public health. While pursuing this degree, she concurrently is undergoing Residency training in New York and is on the path to becoming a Physician.

She was the brain behind the organization expansionist concept in December 2016, which has converted the group to a global brand. Her current interest is to develop a climate resilient healthcare system in Africa and she brings on board a decade of experience in healthcare delivery.

She also has enjoys gardening, cooking, hosting, travel, reading various literature, mentoring and volunteering.

Carol Strang Bercos

Board member

Carol was born and raised in Illinois, USA and has lived there her entire life. She spent her professional career working as a social worker and administrator in the area of special education. Since retiring 6 years ago, she has been president of Bercos Educational Consulting. She consults with area school districts in meeting the needs of students who require extensive and specialized services. While working in the public sector, she presented at many local, state and national conferences.

Carol’s greatest pride and joy is being mother to three children and the grandma to two (soon to be three). Four of her five children and their spouses work in the public schools as teachers and a social worker. The entire family is strongly invested in the excellence of our educational institutions.

Carol has many interests and hobbies, one of the most important being that of Climate Change and the protection of our environment. She first spoke on this issue while in college and working on a ranch in New Mexico. It was there that she first learned of the delicate balance between man and our Earth. She is dedicated to finding effective solutions to our environmental issues on a personal, local, national and world level.


Ms Jasmin Akter Promi

Executive Director

Jasmin Akter Promi is from Dhaka, Bangladesh and is currently living in New York, United States to pursue her Bachelor’s in Mathematics. She speaks Bangla, Hindi and English languages. She is interested in exploring new cultures and learning more about different traditions around the world. She loves literature and has a fascination for business. Jasmine is very concerned about climate change and believes in climate action and actively advocates for the climate, for our forests, for our green lands, our agriculture, our oceans, our wild life, for mother Earth. She also advocates for eliminating poverty through strategy believing that no one should go to bed hungry, no one should be in a socio-economic state where they do not know when or from where their next meal is coming.

Jasmin is the Founder & President of Otoot, a non-profit group she formed in high school with her friends to raise awareness about the various social issues in Bangladesh. She has actively participated as a volunteer for green movements, road safety campaigns and anti-drug awareness campaigns in Bangladesh. She also served at the Community Service Club of Stony Brook University, first as an Events Coordinator and later as the President. Recently, she joined youth from around the world for the Youth for Human Rights International Summit at the United Nations Headquarters, New York, as the Youth Delegate for Bangladesh, to acknowledge, celebrate and stand by our human rights. She also recently became an Ambassador for the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS) at

Jasmin is a trained Mental Health First Aid Provider and hopes to provide the primary mental health care to people around her when they need it. She also teaches Mathematics to students from grade 1 to 12 because she thinks Mathematics is fun and children need to meet Mathematics not with fear but in the ways that they understand it best.

Jasmin joined Team 54 Project International serving as the Principal Secretary at the Office of the CEO of Team 54 Project International and is part of the management team. She is as well the Country Coordinator of Team 54 Project – Bangladesh. Jasmin loves working with the entire team of Team 54 Project International around the world, she believes that Team 54 Project connects youth around the world through education and participation on climate action and believes it to be a leading force when it comes to advocate for climate action.

Mr. Johnbosco (Okoye) Ife

Digital Director

Johnbosco Ife is a Digital Marketing Consultant helping organizations and individuals across the globe find their audience. He helps create both visual and audio contents for websites, social media, virtual meetings and more.

He is interested in learning new things, different cultures and climate variations. He loves technology and works on inventing the “First Self Sustaining Clean Energy Generator” to power rural dwellers and replace the traditional energy generators that pollute the environment.

Johnbosco is the Founder & CEO of Ife Solutions LLC, a digital marketing company based in Africa and focused on helping people identify and promote to the right audience. He is actively participating in global efforts to inform and assist those who are most affected by the climate change. He was the Country Director for Peace Campaign Nepal in Nigeria and worked with the International Human Rights Commission as a digital content creator towards the 2019 International human Rights Day celebration. Johnbosco is a researcher and a proactive solutions finder and he volunteers in many community service, peace movements, gender protection and child care support groups. He is vast in knowledge and believes the earth health and humanity are the most important things to focus on.

Johnbosco joined Team 54 Project International to help get the word out. He is the Digital Director working as part of the management team in the Office of the President/Founder

He hopes to take the Climate Action awareness to all parts of the world through the digital media and every modern day technology that is available


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