International youth based group Honors Team 54 Project CEO For Environmental impact

International youth based group Honors Team 54 Project CEO For Environmental impact.

April 2019 , Dr Gbujie Daniel the Founder/CEO of Team 54 Project will be joining thousands of international guest from the rest of the world in celebrating the Global Youth Parliament, Youth Leadership Award Day. The event will see great exceptional young people display a Creative and Innovation.

The aim of the conference recognized youth across the various sector of the globe who have inspired others and have addressed climate change from diverse settings across the globe using their critical ideas, and perspectives.

Dr. Gbujie who was congratulated last month by Mr. Diwakar Aryal, President of Global Youth Parliament (GYP) ,Kathmandu Nepal. GYP issued an official statement on his confirmation. Aryal said “ his selection to be awarded “Global Youth Leadership Award 2019” in the environment Category was because for his tremendous effort and contribution made in the area of climate advocacy, youth participation and empowerment.”
He noted that The selection was made after vigorous research and careful observation by the GYP award selection committee whose primary goal was to identifying the best and the brightest deserving global candidates from over 100 that where shortlisted.

Organizer say that there will be wonderful cultural art, original music, poetry, and plays during the 3 day event.

Dr. Gbujie in his acceptance letter sent to GYP explained that that the international Award was made possible by the relentless engagement of All the members of

He later dedicated the award to them. Gbujie understands that sustainable development can only be built on a foundation of collaboration and proper knowledge of the issues. only then can those actions become visible enough for them to finally make great impact within the society and beyond.

Story by Saqid Ahmed

Photograph: Team 54 Project