Team54Project International Founder Dr. Gbujie Chidubem Daniel Receives Continental Award at the United Nations Headquarters in New York

Team54Project International Founder Dr. Gbujie Chidubem Daniel Receives Continental Award at the United Nations Headquarters in New York

Young Pacesetter African Award

Dr. Gbujie Chidubem Daniel, the founder and CEO of Team54Project International who also double as a global health consultant based in the United States of America, is among 8 outstanding African youth conferred the African Young Pacesetter Award during the commemoration of the Africa Day Celebration last week on 25th May 2022, United Nations
Trusteeship Council Chambers in New York. 

Africa day also called African liberation day is the annual commemoration celebration of African unity that started on the 25th of May 1963, they are even a public holiday in some African countries. At the core of the celebration is the commemoration of African unity and recognition of all the wonderfully diverse cultures and natural resources that the amazing continent holds is home while acknowledging the need to secure sustainable development and establish our cultural and economic prosperity for the future generations.

The African Renaissance and Diaspora Network (ARDN) is an international group that seeks to accelerate and encourage African unity and is the global secretariat for the global alliance among African nations where they coordinate the efforts of African and multinational organizations toward a single purpose ensuring sustainable development among all African nations and all peoples of African descent.

The ARDN is the main coordinating body organizing the Africa Day celebration in collaboration with the Mission of the African Union to the United Nations, the Permanent Mission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the United Nations, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the Africa Bureau of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) and the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), amongst others. 

Mr. Gordon Tapper, one of the officials of ARDN explained that the honor and recognition were part of the Africa Day celebration, and it was to highlight the exceptional stories and achievements of eight young Africans who have made the continent proud. In 2019, he was among the 500 outstanding global youth leaders invited by H.E. Antonio Gutierrez, the UN Secretary-General to attend the 2019 UN General assembly climate summit where he spoke at the UN General Assembly on the impact of climate change on the health of vulnerable people and the local solutions using technology that can be developed to adapt and mitigate the effect of the climate crisis. 

Dr. Gbujie led a group of youth based in the US and as the only medical personnel in that coalition helped to get relief material to help stranded Africans awaiting airlifting, his charismatic inspirational approach brought a lot of goodwill to that network of the coalition fighting against COVID-19 among Africans and immigrants in the US and as the coordinating youth representative he led a great COVID-19 campaign, and her pragmatic style of leadership attracting financial funding from the former African Union Ambassador to the US Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao. 

He was given one of the highest recognitions by the Nigerian government on the 24th of April 2021in New York by Ambassador Ben Okoyen, Ex-Consul General of the Nigeria Embassy.
In a statement released by Dr. Gbujie, he said, “Today, is a great day that I won’t forget because I am honored by Africans for those little the contribution made in the interest of Africans and to see this happen on the largest stage on earth the United Nations is beyond me at this point, but I must add that I have a team of wonderful people and many African elders in the United States who constantly guide me and some have even allowed me to stand on their shoulder so that I can see the future and begin the process of making it by working with other like-minded Africans” he said. 

Furthermore, notable African leaders, African-America, international organizations, and government officials from various countries Nigeria, Liberia, and Senegal have sent in their congratulatory messages, on the list of brochures of messages, are those from the Assistant Minister of youths and sports for Liberia who from Paynesville, Monrovia, sent a congratulatory note, he opined that Dr.Gbujie truly represents the best of our Africa youth and his accomplishment is closely in line with the Liberian President George Weah’s vision of developing and implementing interventions sourced from young people to drive the establishment of sustainable development goals.

In the press statement by Barr. Moulay N. Lahsen, the President of the African Independent Commission for Human Rights, explained that Dr. Gbujie indeed is a great young man and has a unique perspective and an extraordinary mindset with which he uses to deliberate and proffer solutions to issues, I truly believe he is a genius and an asset to Africa and the World. 

“I want to thank all the organizers for making this possible, am excited to be part of this year’s Africa day celebration, and to be honored is just a wonderful feeling I won’t forget in a long time. As a young Igbo man from Umuayaka, Ahiazu-Mbaise LGA in Imo State, Nigeria, my family the Gbujies’ have inculcated a mentality that embraces hard work, a growth mindset, and the temperament to persevere and by the grace of God with support from a wonderful team of staff at Team 54 Project International, our stories and accomplishment have become visible. Am only continuing the path of excellence that many wonderful Africans, especially Nigerians have passed and am keeping that tradition of
excellence alive”. Gbujie said.

President of ARDN Dr. Djibril Diallo summarized his press statement by saying that the Africa Day event at the UN was also dedicated to young people and adults living in the continent and those in the diaspora and identifying such people and showcasing their accomplishment is a great way to inspire other young people and secure a better future. 

As Dr. Gbujie and many exceptional African continue to make us proud on the global stage, it is our prayers that the various African government create platforms to identify other exceptional citizens within the shore of Africa. Achieving all the sustainable development goals in Africa will require that we all must be inclusive and it will require building the framework for getting people to participate and share their idea on how to address are common challenges, this is our quickest way to build sustainable future that the continent dreams to establish.