A Youthful Global Leader Creating Worldwide Network of Climate Activists

Out of Africa, 20 months ago, came a brilliant, young medical doctor, Dr. Daniel Chidubem Gbujie, whose life is now devoted to healing Planet Earth with a team of climate change activists spanning the globe. Daniel’s heart and talents are being heavily invested in healing Planet Earth, her people, and all life in serious efforts to halt and reverse climate change.

Gbujie at global climate Actions Summit in San FranciscoPhoto Credit: Team 54 Project


Starting with youth from 54 African nations as an NGO called Team 54 Project, then reaching out to the entire world, Daniel is creating a vast and rapidly-growing network of 207,000 members in 169 countries to date, all working in harmony to fight against the root causes of climate change, while at the same time bringing ecological, economic, gender, and racial justice to the forefront with determination and courage.

Team 54 Project environmental awareness in Mumbai India membersPhoto Credit : Team 54 Project


Many of the amazing actions of Team 54 Project are being done with limited funding in adverse conditions. The strategy is to include all cultures and all ages to awaken slumbering masses with education, motivation, encouragement, and love, bringing out the best in the people they touch and giving their lives meaning and connection to a global cause. Team 54 is a dynamic, all-encompassing force, a life force, a fully-charged brigade to change the landscape of our planet with sustainable, regenerative projects. This youthful organization is bursting with passion, conviction, intelligence, muscle, and inspiring voices being guided and encouraged by the wisdom and forbearance of elder members.

Massive Team 54 tree nursery


Team 54 seeks to replace the greed and destructiveness of current systems causing massive death for all forms of life and replace them with fairness, equality, common sense, and compassion, resulting in clean air, clean water, adequate food and shelter, and safety for all.