Eco-Hero Award (EHA) Winners for May 2019 – Ms. Victoria Andele – dawonou and Mr. Daniel Newman Awomnab

On behalf of Team 54 Project Members, the entire Board and Management team, we announce the ECO-HERO Award (EHA) Recipients for the month of May 2019.

The EHA winners are:

1. Victoria Andele-dawonou: Team 54 Project – Togo

Ms Victoria Andele-dawonou

2. Daniel Newman Awomnab: Team 54 Project – Ghana

Mr Daniel Newman Awomnab

Our EHA recipients have been working hand-in-hand with members of our organization in Ghana and Togo respectively to support our projects like the ‘I AGREE’ campaign for #RepClime / #SpaceClime and to raise awareness about the impact of climate change in the West Africa. They both have inspired their friends and relatives to take #ClimateAction both online and offline in a collaborative, community-driven way, while working with like-minded individuals and organizations. The result of their collective actions has led to strong, creative, behavioral change in attitude and the building of community climate resilience in their respective countries. 

Congratulations to both EHA winners!

Best wishes,
Team 54 Project International