Team 54 Project Football Advocacy Match

Team Climate Action vs Team Climate Change

Morning on the 20th April 2019 wasn’t just another, regular morning in the Ayetoro-itele, ota Ogun State in Nigeria. It was a day when Team 54 Project International Coordinator Mr Solomon Oluwaseun Samson organized the first Football Advocacy Match to raise awareness about climate change in his community.

Football Advocacy Match was held at St Peters Primary School football pitch, Ayetoro-itele, ota Ogun State in Nigeria and it was hosted by Gabi FC.
The match was played between Team Climate Action and Team Climate Change.

The event gathered scholars, kids and locals who all came to cheer for their team and what is more important to learn how climate crisis is affecting us all and what actions we can take to raise awareness about it and how to help our environment.

At the pitch Team Climate Action took the victory. And it wasn’t just a victory of the Team it is victory for all of us who are fighting for our environment, community and for our planet!

Team 54 Project Board, Management Team and members would like to congratulate both teams for wonderful match!

We are also thanking host of the event Gabi FC, commentator of the match MC Babami, sponsor of the match Amb Olowookore Femi Emmanuel, Grassroots football development and GICC tutorials who supported this match and St Peters Primary School.

Special thanks and gratitude goes to Mr Solomon Oluwaseun Samson who organized this event and who showed us that trough sport and having fun we can help our communities grow and why is important that we support each other, and most important that we are one team – Team Climate Action who is fighting against climate crisis.