Team 54 Project International Launches Climate Smart Initiative

Team 54 Project International launches its own Climate Smart Initiative called SMART Eco-Agro Entrepreneurship Initiative in Nigeria, Africa.

The development challenges that our project (Smart Eco-Agro Entrepreneurship Initiative) aims to address is the challenge of addressing poverty and hunger and how best to stabilize the environment while addressing this developmental challenges. This initiative employs the use of smart, innovative agricultural ways of ensuring sustainable food production and services in vulnerable communities. Furthermore, this project addresses entrepreneurial aspects in agricultural with the view of making agriculture sustainable venture. With climate change still remaining a major and growing threat to global food security, it is believed by experts that it will cause extreme poverty across the globe by 2030 and estimated number of 122 million people will be directly affected with farming communities in Sub-Sahara Africa they will be among the hardest hit. Hence, the need for a deep transformation in the way we practice agriculture. There is a growing concern, if truly we are to fight climate crisis and end poverty that we have to adopt better innovative and indigenous sustainable land, water, fisheries and forestry practices. Our project tries to address this concerns by promoting solutions, through the use of organic farming, permaculture, education and empowerment of women and children. In conclusion our initiative encourages plant-based dietary system as one of the solutions to address the developmental challenges of climate change, malnourished children and adults and reducing the poverty in rural areas. Our Smart Eco-Agro Entrepreneurship Initiative therefore creates an enabling environment that advance better quality of life and creates new entrepreneurship opportunities that provides dignified incomes and natural prosperity.