Team 54 Project new Initiative Sport4Climate

Team 54 Project International launched first Sport4Climate Project last year, and our first global coordinator of the initiative is Ms. Shruthi Keerthi, an active founding member and part of Team 54 Project International.

Ms. Shruthi is a professional sports athlete and she takes part in many badminton tournaments. Every opportunity she has, she uses to educate participants of the effect of climate change and carry out regular activities like encourage hiking and jogging, And also advocates for total ban on plastic and often organize clean-up session during the same period of hiking or jogging.

She has visited a village in rural Bangalore, to give a talk on sports as an instrument to address climate change challenges and actions that rural villagers can take to adapt and mitigate the effects and impact of the crisis.
Ms. Shruthi also shared her experience as a Himalayan mountaineer to the audience that was mainly women. The rural village in India that invited her regularly empowers orphan, destitute and poor girls needing education in Bangalore. She taught these young girls and their mothers about all the forms that sports can assist in advocacy for a better environment.

Team 54 Project International believes that the fusion of skills, talent, and passion are the recipe required to achieve a green sustainable future. And Ms. Shruthi embodies that very principle and it gives us joy she is making a great impact.

Ms. Shruthi Keerthi is indeed a great Team 54 Project Ambassador. 

Story by Team 54 Project International