Team 54 Project International – Nigeria visits the orphanage

On August 28th 2019, Team 54 Project members in Nigeria led by Mr. Solomon Oluwaseun Samson and in collaboration with De Lifeline Foundation and Education and Environment Network – TEEN Africa visited the local orphanage.

“It was exactly 3:00 pm Nigerian time, when we have arrived to the orphanage. The children were very excited and happy when they saw us entering the institution.” – Mr. Solomon says.

Team 54 Project Int. members and partners brought gifts for boys and girls at the orphanage. Children were excited, happy and grateful to receive clothes, shoes, sweets, books and school materials.

Photo: Solomon Oluwaseun Samson

After a warm welcome in the orphanage, Mr. Solomon gathered the children, the matron and the staff to talk about environment, climate crisis, solutions and how can everyone contribute to raise awareness and fight climate crisis. Our members were asked numerous questions and one of the major challenges they were talking about was climate change. They wanted to know how the effect of erosion, caused by deforestation, can be reduced and about the drainage system. Fortunately for them, our members we gave them several solutions and advised them what actions can be taken to minimize this negative effects of climate change.

The team engaged the children with the activities and motivated them not to feel inferior or powerless. Children received the message from Team 54 Project Int. members and partners that they can contribute in global climate movement with their passion, skills and talents and that no matter if their actions seems to be small at the moment, they are big and important for humanity.

Photo: Solomon Oluwaseun Samson

Team 54 Project Int. Board, Management, Members and Supporters would like to express their gratitude to Mr. Solomon Oluwaseun Samson, De Lifeline Foundation and Education and Environment Network – TEEN Africa for organizing the visit to the orphanage and for empowering our youth.