Team 54 Project member becomes a Water-HERO in rural India

The World Water Day 2019, was yesterday on 22 March. It’s a global event with a background story that dates back to June 1992, United Nations (UN) Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where the global ”Agenda 21 ” was adopted.
It proposed that there should be a special focus on the security of quality freshwater and also advocates for the sustainable management of freshwater resources but of noticeable in Agenda 21 is the establishment of the World Day for Water also known as as World water Day (WWD).

The UN General Assembly, in December 22nd, 1992 adopted a resolution declaring a yearly celebration of ”World Day for Water” on the 22nd of March and the first World Day for Water was observed 3 months later on the 22nd of March 1993. The global symbol of WWD is represented with the shape of a water drop in the UN’s color blue.

The 2019 theme is: ‘Leaving no one behind’.

And raising from among our organization is the Team 54 Project – India, assistant country coordinator, Mr. Paavan Kumar Reddy Gollapalli with few members in collaboration with other environmental based organization embarked on a local awareness and educational campaign to observe the WWD.
The venue was the rural village of Perapalla Thanda Village of Narayanpet Mandal in Mahbubnagar District of Telangana State, in India.

He said the campaign was organized to raise awareness of the Prepalla people about water’s importance in environment, agriculture, health and trade.
He informed residents, elders , leadership, and youth in the village that Water is precious commodity and its management is key addressing hunger and the ongoing global water crisis now worsened by climate change impact.

During WWD celebrations Nations are encouraged to develop activities to highlight the role of water as an integral component of life on Earth.

Hence, the need to ”educate citizens on the importance of quality clean water and protection of all water resources” he said .

Paavan also made a case for Responsible Water usage especially in Agricultural practice in the village, citing the UN agency Report of 2017 from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) which stated that the processes in agriculture consumes around 70-80% of total water in the world. (

He explained that this report plus other water related challenges in the whole of India motivated him to reach out with others to the villagers Narayanpet Mandal in Mahbubnagar District

Furthermore, a mandate was given to him by Dr. Gbujie Daniel Chidubem CEO of, an organization he volunteers for, and has inspired him to take environment action.
He also incorporated children and youths speaking in the Perapalla Local Language called Telugu with a town population of about 8659 and over 75% are farmers many were not aware of the importance of water management and were grateful to be educated.

To mark World Water Day, the management of Team 54 Project International is urging countries especially developing nations to step up efforts to increase water efficiency and provide access to safe water for all.
Clearly, ensuring better global water security is pivotal to achieve the needed Sustainable Development Goals.

Pictures credited to Paavan Kumar Reddy Gollapalli

Written by Sabha Jithender Singh an eco-journalist from Mumbai