Team 54 Project supports FridaysForFuture

On Friday, March 5th, Team 54 Project Serbia joined the first strike held in Belgrade, capital of Serbia, and supported this global movement.

Ms Milica Milosev
Mr Matthew Bonnstetter

The event was organized by the group of high-school students and the organization Climate Save Serbia. The goal was to put Serbia on the world map of awareness about climate issues that we are facing today, and to support all the youth and adults that are striking every Friday. And their mission was successful!
As the one of the organizer said: ” We expected just family and close friends, but many more friends came, unknown friends that share same love for our planet as we do.”

Letters for Future Box

It was overwhelming to see different generations, from elementary school students to adults in pension, in the crowd that are aware about the impact of the climate change and to support taking actions to reduce it.

After welcoming the crowd they read Greta Thunberg’s letter and speech to remind us all why we are there, and what is the goal of #ClimateStrike.
One of the speakers was Professor of Meteorology at the University of Belgrade, who warned us that we are in critical period and that we must to take actions now!

Team 54 Project in Serbia was happy to support and to be part of this global movement and we are inviting you all to join us no matter where you are in the World, because we have to act now!


Photos: Climate Save Serbia
Matthew Bonnstetter