Eco-Hero Award (EHA) Winner for March 2019 – Motlatsi Makhasane

This month individuals confirmed for Eco-Hero Award (EHA) for March 2019 are members who are indeed young community leaders and they have gone through a lot and they join the Team 54 Project family from different disciplines and fully inspired to make a difference in their respective societies. They empowered and inspired children in war torn region on Aden in Yemen, taught rural women about the importance of renewable energy by organizing webinar strictly for them which they took part in.

EHA recipients have been working hand-in-hand with their communities to build the green sustainable futures. These men who incidentally are our country coordinates in their respective nations understand that achieving sustainable development often requires reaching out across the lines that divide us to vulnerable and forgotten target groups and their collective effort. In the month of March we have seen a rise in our membership drive across the various continents where their actions where done and it also has shown how collaborative, community-driven work with other like-minded organizations can lead to strong, creative, behavioral changing attitude even in some of our most intractable and polarizing places in the world.

Meet our inspiring members who are the EHA for the month of March of 2019 – and learn more about them.

Motlatsi Makhasane is Team 54 Project International country coordinator for South Africa. He is a climate advocate, founder and director of Working for Climate, a non-government organization working on renewable energy available to vulnerable target group especially women do that they can achieve sustainable development.

In February 2019, the organization Working for Climate and Sarebi hosted a workshop to solicit input from project developers in South Africa to consider incorporating cleaner alternate energy in all their project plans. He also is a champion for green decent jobs and how best government can provide and support relevant vocational skills and encourage business enterprise to create opportunities in the Northern cape area.

Motlatsi was recently awarded in March 2019 by the Department of Economics and small business, tourism and environmental affairs in South Africa as the Best Environment Activist.

Since he became the country coordinator for Team 54 Project in South Africa, Motlatsi has carried out numerous workshops, clean-up exercises and mobilized hundreds of people to engage in the movement to raise awareness about the climate issues and pressure government to invest in renewable energy. He is indeed dedicated and fully committed which are qualities of a true ECO-HERO.

Congratulations Mr Motlatsi!